How to schedule an appointment:

Our phone lines are open between 8:30-12:30 and 1:30-4:30. Our office is open from 8am through 5pm.

We offer same day appointments for sick visits. Please call us early and we will make every effort to get you in either with your regular provider or with another provider.

You can email us the evening before to request an appointment for a next day appointment but as it is not HIPAA compliant we advise you not to put down any sensitive personal information.

Missed appointments

Unless cancelled 24 hours in advance, our policy is to charge $50 for missed appointments.

Test Results

You may be asked to make a follow-up visit to go over abnormal test results.

Normal test results will be conveyed to you in a timely manner either by phone or by HIPAA-compliant email. If you do not get notified of the test results please do not assume they are normal. Our policy is to get back to you on the test results either at a follow-up visit or via phone or email. If you do not hear from us within seven working days please feel free to call us or email us for the test results. As some tests do take more than five working days to be reported to us please allow seven working days prior to contacting us.

If you have questions about your test results, please call us to schedule a follow-up appointment.

Medication Refills

Before you come to your regular appointment, please look over your medications, diabetes supplies, inhalers, etc. to determine if you need any new prescriptions at your appointment.

We require office visits on a regular basis for all of our patients taking prescription medication. The interval will vary depending on the type of medication prescribed, but is at least every 6 months. Please be sure you have enough medication to last until your next scheduled visit.

If possible, please bring all your prescription bottles with you to your appointment. This is important to make sure that you are taking the correct medications and the correct doses. We will continue to take the time to carefully review your medications and write refills at your office visit. We will also ask you to review a list of medications to confirm that it's correct.

We send most prescriptions electronically to local pharmacies. You may ask the pharmacy to set up electronic renewals as well.

We can send prescriptions electronically or electronic fax to a mail-order pharmacy. Please make sure you give us the correct and full information of the company – including a location, fax and phone number.

As part of our new policy, we offer the following options for ordinary prescription refills:

Controlled Medications

We require these additional safety measures for narcotics, tranquilizers, and stimulants (i.e. for ADD):

  • If you are on a narcotic, tranquilizer, or stimulant (i.e. for attention deficit disorder) prescribed by a MGMC physician, as an ongoing treatment, you must see your doctor every 1 to 3 months for refills. By law, narcotics and stimulants can only be refilled for 1 month at a time.
  • If your doctor is not available, you must see one of the other providers.
  • No prescriptions of narcotics or stimulants for chronic use will be phoned or faxed to the pharmacy. If you are taking narcotic pain medications, your doctor will ask you to sign a "Pain Contract", which provides more ways to keep your treatment safe and legal.
  • If you are taking a narcotic, your doctor will request a urine drug screen periodically. You must provide the sample in the office at that visit, or go to the lab.

Making the new policy work smoothly for you:

Our new policy will be to call in appropriate requests for prescription refills within 2 business days. and written prescriptions available within 4 business days. Please let our staff know if your request is urgent or if you are out of medication, in which case we will try to provide refills sooner and same day requests might require a fee. We prefer you email us your request.

If you call to request a refill but are overdue for a follow-up visit and/or blood work (necessary for monitoring the safety or effectiveness of a medication), the provider may agree to renew only enough to last until you can schedule an appointment. It is your responsibility to schedule an appointment before you run out of medication. Please schedule your next visit before you leave our office.

We understand that there might be a situation when you do have to call us for a prescription. We prefer that you email us with the request for refills .Please look at the list below and see what you can do to avoid incurring a prescription refill fee.

Are you changing to a new local pharmacy? You should call your new pharmacy before you run low, and request that your prescriptions be transferred from your old pharmacy. We sometimes do not have to write new prescriptions.

Are you going on an extended vacation and need to use an out-of-town pharmacy? You need to call the NEW pharmacy that you will be using and have them contact your hometown pharmacy to have your prescriptions transferred. When you return home, you have to reverse the process.

Are you changing to a new mail order pharmacy? Some pharmacies will transfer your prescriptions to the new pharmacy. If you still have refills on your current prescriptions, please check with your current mail order pharmacy to see if your prescriptions can be transferred.